8 Must Have Apps for New Moms

imageIn today’s world of hustle and bustle, it is hard raising a kid.  Us as moms are trying to be everything to everybody.  But, while we are trying to be overachievers and break that glass ceiling, we are struggling.  You wouldn’t be human if it wasn’t somewhat of a struggle.  Yes, there are the working moms that post pristine pictures on Instagram that make their life look like a fairytale.  What you don’t know or see is the help she has behind the scenes.  YES, everyone needs help.  It really does take a village, or in this day and age…..it takes an App!

Here is a must have list of apps that I absolutely love and use on a daily basis, or used while I was pregnant with Madeleine.

8 Must Have Apps for New Moms

  1. Baby Center, My Pregnancy & Baby Today (Free) – this is a must have app, especially for first time moms.  I have to admit, I used the program online not the app, but discovered it after Madeleine was born.  This app tracks your pregnancy day by day as well as the stages for your unborn baby.  It also gives you access to videos (not that you will want to view because it will scare the shit out of you), but they are there for viewing, checklists and access to forums for questions.  The piece of resistance is the kick tracker, which is very important towards the end.

    BabyCenter App
  2. Diapers.com (Free) – this is a great app that will save you when you’re in a bind.  I use it a lot and especially if I am short on time or need something last minute.  You can order by 6pm and receive your order the very next day.  They have everything under the sun, from paper towels, diapers/wipes and even baby shoes/clothes.  Some items are expensive, so you have to keep a watch on what you are ordering and if the price warrants it.  Diapers and wipes seem price comparable.  If you spend over $50.00 shipping is free, and I definitely hit this mark when ordering diapers.

    Diapers.com App
  3. Off Spring, Capture Childhood Memories (Free) – what I love about this app is that it captures everything for your little one.  The app stores photos, artwork, videos, quotes, milestones and journal entries.  I log my pictures and funny things Madeleine might have said one night and when I have time I then transfer them to her baby book.  It also has the capability to print your photos at Walgreens, share them on social media and keep track of multiple kids’ info, in case you need it.

    OffSpring App
  4. Pull Ups Time to Potty (Free) – I am about to begin potty training Madeleine, so I haven’t used this app yet.  But, it was recommended by The Story of This Life, and she said it worked great for her little girl.  The app is designed to help with potty training and automatically adjusts the time between breaks based on your little one’s habits entered.  It also provides celebration games that your child can interact with, which is great because it really makes them apart of it which is key to potty training (or so I heard).

    Pull Ups Time to Potty App
  5. Baby List, Baby Registry (Free) – we all have done it….created multiple baby registries and then have had to go into each one to check or update them.  This app is a baby registry that allows you to include your entire registry in one!  It’s a one stop shop for creating and editing your baby registry, which eliminates the time you will want to be napping instead of going online to the different stores to create the registry.  Another great feature is that you can include things such as home cooked meals as a gift.  Who wouldn’t love that!  I wish I had this when I was pregnant!!  It’s a timesaver.

    BabyList Baby Registery App
  6. Full Term Labor, Contractions ($1.99) – If you are a first time mom, then you will really love it.  It helps with keeping track of your contractions, once they start.  It’s super easy to use, which is a huge plus when you are going into labor.  You definitely don’t want to mess around with something complicated or you might tear your husband’s face off!  The app keeps track of your times, durations and frequency of the entire labor.  It also has a kick counter, which is an added plus.

    Full Term – Labor App
  7. MammaBaby (Free) – this app is designed to help you with scheduling routines, such as feeding, sleeping and medicine alarms.  And with that pregnancy brain, you will need all the help you can get.  Another added feature is that you can sync it with caregivers as well.  It also has a feature for logging milestones.  It was newly picked by Apple among the best apps to help with baby in 2015.

    MammaBaby App
  8. The Wonder Weeks ($1.99) – this app focuses on the developmental stages of your little one.  So, when they are going through a stage, you can check in with the app and see what the leaps are for a particular age group and understand the common behaviors associated with those stages.  It basically helps you understand why they are doing certain things and helping them thru that stage (and helping you get thru their stages as well!)

    The Wonder Weeks App

What I love about all these apps is they make our mommy lives easier.  Yes, I said it, easier.  They don’t take all the stresses away, they don’t help with the terrible twos, but they do help you stay organized, help with remembering milestones and keep us on track.  Go check them out and refer this list to a friend that you think might need the list.

As always, I would love to hear what you think of these apps and if you have any recommendations.




5 thoughts on “8 Must Have Apps for New Moms

  1. Great list of Apps! I’m definitely looking into the diapers app. This would have really come in handy last week when I had Jon stop at the grocery store to pick up diapers because I knew we couldn’t make it a few more days. And diapers at the local grocery store are never a good price! It makes you wonder how we ever survived without all these great apps!!

    1. Yes Mara, I would definitely try it. If I know I won’t make it to Target and I know I am really low, I will make sure I get my order in by 6:00. I also needed some pink shoes in a pinch and knew her size, so I just ordered them and they were delivered the next day. But…..don’t use it for everything. I was ordering all my paper products, coffee, etc. I then relized they were charging me like $20 for coffee when it normally is $12 at Target. So, not sure if they stick high prices in there to make up the low prices for some? Now, if I need it I will look at the price before I buy it. I know…..all these little things help:)

  2. I love the Wonderweeks app. A friend of mine also recommended the Baby Sparks app to me. It gives you daily activities to help your child’s development, based on their age. Helpful for filling those long afternoons when you just can’t play peekaboo one more time.

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