Growing up in the arctic tundra of Minnesota, Theresa spent much of her childhood in dance class, tapping away with jazz hands, camping out in the backyard and bossing her friends around while playing house. Fast forward twenty plus years and nothing has changed. This time she is running a household and bossing around her baby girl Madeleine and husband Randy. Family pic

Girlfriends Guide to Parenting got started out of a necessity. As a working mom, Theresa was looking for real, practical parenting information. Information that wasn’t sugar coated and filled with roses and lollipops. Theresa came up with a game plan and decided to create what she couldn’t find.

What you can expect from Girlfriends Guide to Parenting:

Girlfriends Guide to Parenting is a place where parenting is taken down to the basics. Sometimes you will find practical advice woven in a story that might leave you with a belly laugh that you just can’t stop, other times it might be debunking popular parenting advice that is just flat out nonsense. Yes, we may pick apart some often silly ideas about parenting, but if you can’t laugh about parenting then what can you laugh about.

Theresa’s hope in creating Girlfriends Guide to Parenting is that parents will come and vent, share and learn.  In today’s society, raising children isn’t about a certain way to parent, its what works for you.  Whether that’s helicopter parenting, attachment parenting or lighthouse parenting, this site is a place to share those ideas with the intent on helping other parents raise well rounded children.

Theresa has researched, studied and applied parenting methods that have worked in herMom and baby daily life with Madeleine and will share those techniques with you in her weekly blog post.

So, if you are looking for ways to find laughter in parenting and ready to share some stories, then you have come to the right place.

Welcome girlfriends!