Murphy’s Law – Nothing Goes As Planned

Let me start out by staying that no matter how hard we try as parents……nothing will ever go as planned.  Now, that’s out of the way let’s get started.

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As a Mom, I try to be.

Also, I like to think I’m adaptable. I roll with the punches like the rest of them. But, when you need to be to work on time and you are always late……it sucks that things don’t go as planned.

I knew from the moment I got up this Monday morning that things were a bit off.  The hubby was out of town, so it was just me and the peanut.  I had to pick up the slack where my husband usually helps out in the morning, so I was moving at a snails pace.

I just want to say, Monday’s suck!

Okay, okay.  I’m sulking a bit, I know.

Eventually, I managed to get myself together, dunked my head into a pot of coffee and got going with my morning routine.   I blended my smoothie, fed the baby and off we went to get ready for the day.

As I begin to get Madeleine dressed, I was thinking:

“I got this.  I am pretty much on time.  Don’t worry.”

Of course, not actually on time…because that’s not me, but close enough.

Just as things start to feel on track, things took a nose dive. Yup, you knew it was coming and it did.  As I struggled to pack my gym bag, I decided to place my smoothie down to free my hands.   Sure, why not…nothing will happen.

This is where Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head.

My delicious smoothie spills all over the duvet cover.

Thoughts in my head:

[What was I thinking?  Obviously, I wasn’t.  I thought I was late before….now I’m really going to be late.  FUCK. Why did I have to do that? I was good. We were on a roll…almost out the door.]

Of course the clean freak that I am couldn’t let it spill through the duvet.  As I struggle to holding everything in my arms like an octopus, I managed to pull off the duvet, rush to the laundry room and throw it in the machine.  I’m still thinking….I can still make it at a normal time (yeah right).  Who are we kidding.  I’m a goner.

As I grab the container of laundry soap to pour the soap in the machine I realize it’s empty.

Of course it is.

My hubby used all the soap to wash his clothes before his trip out of town and didn’t bother to tell me he used it all.  He must have thought I would think the empty jug was a long awaited gift.

You must be thinking….what else could go wrong?

As I go into my resourceful mode, I decide to pour out what I can from the container so I can get this fucker in the wash.  I tip the laundry container down into the cup…hoping and praying it gets to the fill line. Come on…make this worth my while. Yes! I make it. Yipee…now we are ready to go. Yes!

No.  I happen to look down and my mini me was standing right in front of me with laundry soap in her hair and all down her back.  WHAT?  How did that  happen.  I know that I don’t have time to give her a bath, so I stare into space trying to decide what I’m going to do.

I think…what would other moms do?  That’s when I run her into the bathroom, clean the soap off her back while she laughs at me and then prop her over the sink to rinse her hair (hey, it’s the best I can do).  What I really wanted to do was send her to school with soap in her hair, but they might look at me like I’m crazy, so I passed on that idea.  I don’t want them to think I’m lazy.

We finally got out the door after I changed her wet diaper, dressed her, got her lunch, put her shoes on, loaded her school bag and my gym bag…purse, took the dog out and grabbed the little dab of smoothie I had left to drink.  And we wonder why nothing goes as planned.

This is where I sigh.

Ultimately, it wasn’t that bad.  We got to school, everyone was safe and I got to work only 45 minutes late.  Not too bad for a crazy morning.

Not only did Monday kick my ass, but so did the weekend.  Can a mom catch a break?

Saturday was a ski day for us.  To be as organized as possible for our ski day, I decided to pack the car the night before.  Yup, packed my skis gear and Madeleine’s stroller in the car the night before.  Not only did I do that, but I also packed her diaper bag, my bag with all the ski gear, made her lunch, placed my ski jacket on the dining room chair, and placed our boots by the door.  Pretty organized huh?

Not so fast.  Just when you think you are smarter than the rest, you get a reality check. First off, I left on time to get to our destination and still ended up late.

You must be wondering, does this chic have some memory issue?  No, I still have all my marbles, maybe just a tab more going on in my life than I would like to admit.

Getting back to what happened.  You must be wondering, how would I be late with all that organization in place.  Have you ever heard of being too organized?

I was so organized that I walked right past my ski jacket, drove half way to the mountain and had to turn around.  Oh, and I forgot her lunch too.  So, driving back proved worth it, but come on! Really?

The message in this is to plan for the unexpected or don’t plan at all.  Just go with the flow, don’t stress too much on being on time or having the perfect day, because it doesn’t exist. Murphy’s Law is always lingering and will creep up on you when you expect it. The only thing you can plan for is how you will handle the fuck ups.

Just remember…’s Murphy’s Law and something will go wrong.

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  1. Saw this on the “living for naptime” link party! It’s great to know I am not the only out there with such mishaps! The only thing you can plan for is how you handle the fuck ups. Well said. That about sums it up!!

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