There Goes the Motherhood

There Goes Motherhood

I don’t know about you, but I am hooked on the new Bravo mommy show “There Goes the Motherhood”.  As a new mom, I am trying to find anything and everything where I connect or resonate with other moms.  Sure, I know what you are thinking….how could I resonate with these ladies, they are nothing like me.  Their handbag probably costs what I pay in daycare for one year.  Yes, some of them I might not relate to on a personal level, but on a mommy level, you bet!  Us moms are in the trenches together, right?

I started out my Sunday evening with my new guilty pleasure that I had recorded from the previous week. Little Madeleine was put down for the night (early I might add, after a long weekend) and the hubby was watching Games of Thornes (not for me).  So, I hunkered down, got cozy and turned on my new favorite show.  Let me just say, I was hooked from the beginning.

Finding Your Sisterhood in Motherhood

The premise of the show is to feature six mothers’, from all walks of life and parenting styles, that meet up once a week for a mommy group. The group is headed up by a family therapist (yes, she is actually a real therapist with credentials).  There they talk about parenting issues, marital issues and everything else in between.  At the end of the mommy group they get homework to work on.  The focus of the group is to help them be the best mommy’s they can be.  Who doesn’t want that, right?

Of course it was the classic bravo show, with beautiful people, beautiful locale and a little bit of celebrity thrown in (one mommy is from the band Wild Orchid – yes….the band featuring Fergie). But, what really hooked me was the struggle.  No matter how pretty, rich or successful they are as mothers….they all struggle in some way.  Sure, the struggle is different for everyone, but it was there.  For a little bit in time, moms can soak in a little pleasure while resonating with other moms. I know that is strange to say, but sometimes in this mommy role…we can feel all too alone.  Sure, I am married and I’m truly not alone, mothers have a distinct role in parenting and can band together to learn from one another, bounce ideas off of each other or just slap us across the face and tell us to snap out of it.

Judgment – To Judge or Not to Judge That is the Question

All the women featured on the show have a district parenting style, which is great because we all get to judge. Please don’t roll your eyes…..we all do it and don’t pretend you don’t.  Judgment doesn’t have to be mean spirited, but it’s a way that we differentiate ourselves and often times can learn something from that judgment.  Sure, I questioned the parenting style of several women on the show, who wouldn’t?  There is a mother who locks her children in their bedrooms at night.  Who wouldn’t judge that…..what about a fire???  I’m not lashing out at her, just questioning her in my own thoughts.  Come on….you are too, I guarantee it.

Since we are on the platform of judgment, let’s really talk about it. How many times have you judged another mom?  Answer that truly and honestly because its human nature.  If we don’t judge, then we can’t learn.  Making a judgment, means that we are truly analyzing the parenting style and incorporating it into how it fits in our life as a mother.  Judgment doesn’t have to be bullying.  Those are two different things.

Let’s Struggle Together

I have many struggles as a mommy and to see other moms like me fight to get their kids pj’s on or brush their teeth at night is a blessing because I know I am not alone in the sanity of raising kids. Sure, it’s a glamorous way of parenthood, but who doesn’t want a little glitter thrown in.  I certainly don’t want to look at Roseann every week.  A little fantasy in my world is truly ok.

So, Wednesdays nights, hunker down with me, get your cozy pj’s on and let’s join in on the mommy discussion. MotherhoodNation… we come!



6 thoughts on “There Goes the Motherhood

  1. Oh I may have to record and check it out. I only watch TV Mondays,Thurs,Sundays… cause I’ve written down those days for mama time although Mondays I watch DWTS and my 9 year watches and Sundays we watch Once Upon together as well lol… Thursday are REALLY mama days cause NO TGIT for the kids Ha…. Thanks for the review I’m off to set my DVR now!

    1. Yes, definitely record it. As a Mama….you will definitely resonate and get a few laughs in and maybe a few jaw drops:)

  2. Oh no, I’m afraid to watch. If I tune in, I may have a new guilty pleasure as well. She locks her children in their room at night?! Maybe instead of judging I need to check out these parenting techniques. Maybe they’re on to something. Sounds entertaining! Can’t wait to check it out.

    1. Ha! You could be right…….he he. Yes, definitely check it out. Its a fun take….similar to housewives but with kids, etc.

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