Taking Time Away for the Holidays

The holidays are here upon us and I am knee deep in holiday baking and wrapping Xmas Picpresents.

During this holiday season, I have decided to take some time to sip hot toddy’s and enjoy The Christmas Story on rerun.

No seriously, I am going to take this time to enjoy with my family and rejuvenate myself for the upcoming New Year. Yes, I am sure I will be sipping spiked egg nog and a few hot toddy’s over the holidays.  Can’t blame me, right?

During this holiday season, we are looking forward to my MIL coming in for the holidays. We will try to get down the ski slopes as we always due (might be a little hard with a toddler), but we will give it a shot.  We have a tradition in our house; Christmas Eve is meant for last minute loose ends, Christmas movies and baking along with Chinese food for dinner.  Don’t judge….it was something my mom started on Christmas Eve (I guess it was the only place to pick up dinner late on Christmas Eve).

As I take this time away as a mom to rejuvenate myself, I want you to do the same. Be present with your children.  Play with them in the snow, make messes in the kitchen and ignore your phone, please!

Also, take some time to reflect back on your past year as a mom (or dad). Ask yourself some important questions for the upcoming year:

  • What worked and what didn’t for parenting in 2015?
  • What milestones do you have coming up for 2016? Planning?
  • What are your child’s goals for 2016? Potty training? ABC’s?

I will be back next year with a full start of great articles. So excited for the New Year and what it has in store for me as a parent and for Girlfriends Guide to Parenting!

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Until 2016, Happy Everything!



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