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Hello everyone!  I am Theresa and welcome to Girlfriends Guide to Parenting.  This Blog isWelcome Pic 2 going to be a place where parents can come to find practical parenting advice, broken down to the bare naked basics of parenting.

In today’s society, most homes are a one parent household. This means that time is of the essence. Most of our days consist of school drop off, work, dinner, family time and bed.  As the days get shorter and the stress of family life gets harder, we need all the help we can get.

Do you remember when you were growing up?  We didn’t have helicopter parents.  We were told to go outside and play.  Now days’ parenting has become an overindulged sport.

Girlfriends Guide to Parenting will provide practical parenting advice, along with easy tips and tricks to help the time strapped parents.  Oh, and a little humor along the way can’t help.

Let’s get our coffee and create a dialog for parents to chat like Girlfriends (men included). I know for me, I can’t start the morning without a cup(s) of coffee.  Let me know how you start your morning.  What gets you going in the morning?   Coffee




2 thoughts on “Welcome to Girlfriends Guide!

  1. Hi i love your blog & the content that you share , i am a single mom myself , but my babies are now 17 old now it never get easier the demands get more intense the older they get .. Yes we have to know a lot about muti-tasking as a single mom , i think that is is 1 of the reason why i started blogging & making a career out of it .. great post thanks for sharing will book-mark this blog to share as well.

    1. Thanks so much Juanita. Yes, multi-tasking seems like a must when you are a Mom. I am still working on the work life balance, but see the benefits of blogging as well.

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